Communicate in English with glee—Don’t Stop Believin’ Episodes 13, 19 & 22 (Season 1)/『グリー』で学ぶコミュニケーション英語③ドント・ストップ・ビリーヴィン

(編著)Simon Capper  角山照彦  


教授資料 教室用CD 音声ストリーミング
判型 B5判
ページ 131ページ(練習問題72頁+スクリプト46頁)
価格 2,200円(税別)
ISBN 978-4-88198-753-7
略号 753
発売日 2020年4月
先生用資料 教室用CD、教授資料(解答/試訳)



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※本書と『『グリー』で学ぶコミュニケーション英語①』『『グリー』で学ぶコミュニケーション英語②』の3冊でglee Season 1が完結します。どの巻からでもお使いいただける構成になっています。[②には①の、③には②のあらすじ・人物相関図を掲載しています。]


■ 教師や生徒たちが歌とダンスを競い合う中で、チームワークの大切さを学び成長していく全米ヒット曲満載の感動エンターテイメント!

■ ゴールデングローブ賞、エミー賞をはじめ数多の賞を受賞。

■ フィンがグリー部を辞めてしまうなか迎えた地区大会本番。フィンを説得してこの窮地を救えるのか?!


This Season 1 features the fictional high school show choir New Directions competing for the first time on the show choir circuit, while its members and faculty deal with sex, bullying, body image, homosexuality, teenage pregnancy, disabilities, adoption and other social issues. 

Episode 13: Rachel learns that Puck is the father of Quinn's baby and tells Finn, who punches and confronts Puck and after learning the truth, Finn briefly quits the glee club. Emma postpones her wedding to accompany New Directions to Sectionals. The team discovers that its rivals are performing songs from its setlist, leaked by non other than Sue Sylvester, and aided by Finn's return, puts new routines together at the last moment. They win by unanimous decision and advance on to Regionals. Sue vows revenge when she is suspended by Principal Figgins over her attempts to sabotage the club. Ken breaks up with Emma over her feelings for Will, who leaves Terri and shares a kiss with Emma.

Episode 19: Will's high school nemesis, Bryan Ryan, causes trouble for the glee club, announcing his intent to cut them from the district budget. He and Will compete for a role in a local production of Les Misérables, and when Will is awarded the lead role, he gives it to Bryan to save the club. Vocal Adrenaline coach Shelby, first seen in "Hell-O", is revealed to be Rachel's biological mother. Tina gives Artie false hope that he may one day walk again, temporarily straining their relationship. With guidance from Emma, Artie begins to accept his physical condition.

Episode 22: New Directions competes against Vocal Adrenaline and Aural Intensity, seen here for the first time, at Regionals, in front of celebrity judges Olivia Newton-John, Josh Groban, Sue, and Rod Remington. Vocal Adrenaline wins and New Directions comes last, despite unexpected support from Sue, who is able to identify with the club's underdog status after being derided by the other judges. She convinces Principal Figgins to grant the club a reprieve, and not disband them for another year. Will and Finn profess their love for Emma and Rachel respectively. Quinn goes into labor and gives birth to a baby girl who is adopted by Shelby, and named Beth at Puck's request. Quinn later questions Puck if he ever loved her and replies that he did, and does now even more.


1 Who Told?
2 Stolen Set List
3 You Can’t Always Get What You Want
4 Who Won?
5 What’s Your Dream?
6 Dream On
7 Rachel’s Mother
8 Tina’s Dance Partner
9 Regionals’ Set List
10 Journey’s Medley
11 A New Life
12 To Sir, With Love
Listening Hints

  • Simon Capper


  • 角山照彦

    広島国際大学看護学部教授。専門は英語教育学、応用言語学。研究テーマは、1) 映像メディアを活用した英語教育指導法および教材開発、2) コミュニケーション能力を高める教授法リスニングの指導と評価。

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