Communicate in English with glee─The Road to Sectionals Episodes 5, 11 & 12 (Season 1)/『グリー』で学ぶコミュニケーション英語② 地区大会への道

(編著)Simon Capper  角山照彦  

『グリー』で学ぶコミュニケーション英語② 地区大会への道

音声ストリーミング 教授資料 教室用CD
判型 B5判
ページ 137ページ(練習問題72頁+スクリプト52頁)
価格 2,200円(税別)
ISBN 978-4-88198-742-1
略号 742
発売日 2019年4月
先生用資料 教授資料(解答/試訳)・教室用CD



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※本書と『『グリー』で学ぶコミュニケーション英語①』『『グリー』で学ぶコミュニケーション英語③』の3冊でglee Season 1が完結します。どの巻からでもお使いいただける構成になっています。[②には①の、③には②のあらすじ・人物相関図を掲載しています。]

Communicate in English with glee、第2弾。
■重要な文法項目と表現の習得に重点を置き、重要語彙、穴埋め表現確認、台詞確認、発音、T or F、会話のディクテーション、ディスカッション等、入念に練られた練習問題が特徴です。


This Season 1 features the fictional high school show choir New Directions competing for the first time on the show choir circuit, while its members and faculty deal with sex, bullying, body image, homosexuality, teenage pregnancy, disabilities, adoption and other social issues. 

Episode 5: Will, trying to find a twelfth member in the wake of Rachel's defection to the school musical, recruits former glee club star April Rhodes. Finn flirts with Rachel continuously in an attempt to convince her to return, hoping that having her in the club will increase his chances of gaining a music scholarship. While Finn takes Rachel bowling, they kiss briefly after Rachel bowls a strike. Although Rachel is angry when she discovers that Quinn is pregnant, she ultimately rejoins the club. Will confesses to once having had a crush on April, and encourages her to sober up and pursue her dreams of performing on Broadway. The glee club performs at Invitationals, launching themselves onto the show choir competition circuit.

Episode 11: New Directions meets their Sectionals competition – Jane Addams Girls Choir for girls recently released from juvenile detention, and the Haverbrook Deaf Choir. Sue gives the New Directions' set list for Sectionals to the competing clubs in order to damage the glee club's chance of progressing to Regionals. Quinn reconsiders having her baby adopted, giving Puck a chance to prove that he would be a good father. They successfully baby-sit for Terri's triplet nephews together, but Quinn later learns that Puck spent the evening sexting Santana, and recommits to the idea of adoption. Kurt gives Rachel a bad makeover, trying to sabotage her attempts at attracting Finn.

Epispde 12: When the glee club is left out of the school yearbook, Rachel has the club members cast in a local mattress commercial in an attempt to raise their social status. The team is paid in mattresses which, if it became known, would revoke its amateur status and render it ineligible to compete at Sectionals. Will discovers that Terri has been lying to him about being pregnant and walks out on her. He spends a night at the school using one of the mattresses, which bars him from participating in Sectionals. He steps down as club director so that the team remains eligible to compete. He remains undecided over whether to end his marriage, and Emma and Ken schedule their wedding for the same day as Sectionals.



1 April Rhodes
2 New Member
3 Come Back to Glee
4 Somebody to Love
5 Hairography
6 Objective Achieved
7 You Set Me Up
8 True Colors
9 The Thunderclap
10 We Need a Co-Captain
11 Jump
12 Smile
Listening Hints

  • Simon Capper


  • 角山照彦

    広島国際大学看護学部教授。専門は英語教育学、応用言語学。研究テーマは、1) 映像メディアを活用した英語教育指導法および教材開発、2) コミュニケーション能力を高める教授法リスニングの指導と評価。

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